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Educators are the key to our mission's success. They encourage students to connect with their outdoor environment while eliciting their creativity in ways that can be published statewide in the anthology. For this reason, we developed this Toolkit for Educators in partnership with the Portland Metro STEM Partnership and Straub Environmental Center to help teachers tie their environmental education lessons to art and writing activities that align with the state Common CoreNext Generation Science Standards, and Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan.

We looked at ways Honoring Our Rivers has been traditionally used in the classroom and expanded on its connection with the sciences, arts, and English language arts curricula. The result is a toolkit with resources, writing prompts by grade level and subject, and teacher-tested lesson plans--all tied to state standards. 

But, we need your help...

To build and expand this toolkit's collection of lesson plans and prompts, we're depending on our educators to share how they've used Honoring Our Rivers in their lesson planning. Help us out: Fill out the form below.

We'll be giving teachers props and credit in the next revised version so they can be recognized for their excellent work (unless chosen to remain anonymous).