We welcome submissions of original writing, art, and photography from students who love their rivers!


We accept submissions year-round on a rolling basis.

NEW Deadline for the 2018 anthology: EARTH DAY, April 22, 2018, midnight.

Submissions postmarked or received after April 22, 2018 will automatically be entered for the 2019 edition.


All students from kindergarten through college are invited to submit. Students outside of Oregon are welcomed to submit.

Media - What We Accept

  • Art - drawings, paintings, watercolor, photography, multimedia, sculpture, glass, installations, etc. If in doubt about whether we accept your art form, please contact our coordinator.

  • Writing - poetry, fiction, nonfiction/prose (500 words or less, typed).

  • Foreign Language - Any of the above forms of writing in a foreign language accompanied with an English translation. Please see our previous anthologies for examples of creative bilingual entries. 

Subject Matter

Pacific Northwest Rivers. And, since our rivers are connected to the environments surrounding them, anything relating to a river's watershed works, too (i.e., oceans, animals, human interaction, forests, etc). We love to see students express their connection to rivers. Check here for examples.

2017 Featured Theme: This next edition will also feature a "Working Rivers" theme in honor of the Port of Portland's 125th anniversary. It's just one more way to honor the rivers that connect communities together. From towns, traditions, and economies (ie, fishing, agriculture) tied to rivers, to iconic bridges and historical expeditions.

Submission Guidelines

  • Important: All entries from students under 18-years-old must include a parent or guardian signature. Students over 18 may sign the form themselves. Submit online (below), or click here to download the submission form to mail or email.
  • Must be original work by the student. Entries previously submitted to 
  • Must fall in one of the media categories listed above. Students may submit one written piece and one art piece per year. Unless they are clearly linked together, they will be judged separately.
  • Written work should be typed and under 500 words.
  • Foreign language entries must include an English translation. 

How to Submit

For artwork that cannot be scanned, please read these tips on how to photograph your art for submission. If your piece is selected and we need a better quality image, we will contact you to make arrangements to photograph it.

Choose the following option that works best for you:


In an effort to reduce our paper consumption, we strongly encourage you to submit online. Scroll down to fill in the submission form and hit the "submit" button. If you are submitting a written entry and an art entry, please fill out the online form twice to submit them separately. 

  • Writing and foreign language entries should be uploaded in a Word document.
  • Art/photography should be uploaded as a JPEG, PDF, or PNG file.  (Artwork should be either scanned or photographed.) 
  • For optimal print quality, images should have a resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Please do not submit files larger than 3.5 MB. 


Email your submission and signed submission form to "info@honoringourrivers.org" with the subject line "Submission_Your First and Last Name."

If you are an educator submitting multiple submissions from your class, you can upload a folder of submissions and signed submissions forms to HOR's Dropbox here (You do not need a Dropbox account to upload your files. Uploads are private). Title your folder "School Name_Teacher Name". 

  • Writing and foreign language entries should be attached in a Word document.
  • Art/photography should be attached as a JPEG, PDF, or PNG file.  (Artwork should be either scanned or photographed.) 
  • For optimal print quality, images should have a resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Please do not submit files larger than 3.5 MB. 
  • If you are submitting a written entry and an art entry, you may send them both in the same email as separate attachments. 


Mail** your submission and a signed submission form to the following address: 

Willamette Partnership c/o Honoring Our Rivers
4640 SW Macadam Ave, Suite 50
Portland, OR 97239

**Please note that we do not currently have the capacity to return original submissions; furthermore, we may choose to frame original pieces to add to our traveling gallery exhibition. If you require your original piece, please submit a digital copy. 

Teacher's Note

We appreciate you integrating Honoring Our Rivers into your lesson plans! Teachers who submit student entries will receive a copy of the anthology. Only the students' guardians can sign and submit their child's work via the online submission form below. If you are interested in encouraging online submissions, you can be a big help by scanning your students' work and emailing it to their guardians with the link to this submissions page. 

We are constantly looking for feedback on how to improve the ease of the submission process on your behalf. If you have a suggestion, please email our program coordinator at info@honoringourrivers.org. 


We take the security of students' information seriously, which is why published work is only accompanied by the student's name and grade level. We'll list the representing teachers and schools elsewhere in the anthology. We promise that  the information you provide in the submissions form is never distributed, shared, or sold. 


Submissions are judged by a panel of artists, writers, educators, and partners. Each piece is viewed and rated by three separate judges. No identifying information is included on the piece. Criteria for judging is dependent on age group.