Larry Olson

“Deschutes River,” Photograph. Printed with permission on page 63 in   Honoring Our Rivers   Issue 18.

“Deschutes River,” Photograph. Printed with permission on page 63 in Honoring Our Rivers Issue 18.

Larry N. Olson makes “Intimate Landscapes”. For forty years, his life has revolved around cameras and wilderness. He has traveled throughout the West, and exhibited his prints in numerous museums and galleries. Westcliffe published Olson’s coffee table book “Oregon Rivers”, an intimate look at Oregon’s designated wild and scenic rivers. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

Olson says, "Photographs are made, not taken. Because the final print or interpretation of the image is highly personal, I do all my own processing.  The computer is my darkroom, Adobe Lightroom is used for traditional techniques such as dodging and burning, color balance, contrast and density.The final photographic print is an Archival Pigment Photograph with a display life of 90 years. These archival pigment photographs are prepared by me on heavyweight, 100% cotton paper and mounted and matted with 100% museum rag board.  Each photograph is signed and numbered."

About this photo:

"In 1988, motivated by Oregon’s landmark river legislation, I began making photographs for a book to celebrate our rivers. Oregon Rivers, which joins my photographs of the rivers in Oregon’s wild and scenic river system with essays by John Daniel, was published in 1997.  Making these photographs provided me the opportunity for a long-term immersion in intimate landscapes.  I made repeated visits to all of the fifty-six designated wild and scenic rivers in Oregon, hiking along (and often in) the rivers, roaming up and down the canyons and drainages surrounding them, and seeking to capture on film the contours and facets of landscape that make up a river system. 

"This photograph of the Deschutes River is from that period in my career. It took some work to capture this particular spot but I was drawn to its unique blend of river, island, and light."