Honoring Our Rivers is a program of Willamette Partnership, a Portland-based conservation nonprofit. Since 2000, we have been publishing student (K-college) art, photography, poetry, prose and foreign language translations related to Pacific Northwest Rivers. Our mission is to encourage stewardship of river watersheds and to nurture the next generation of civic and conservation leaders by engaging the creative capacities of our youth.

In addition to works reflecting student connections to river environments, the annual publication also features a handful of selections from acclaimed adult authors and artists. It's distributed throughout Oregon to schools, public libraries, and our partners and available here on this website.

That's not all. The Honoring Our Rivers program is more than a print product. We celebrate the work of our young artists and authors through student recognition events, such as student readings and gallery exhibitions across the state. We're always looking for new places to hosts these events, so if you're interested contact the program coordinator.

We also recognize that educators are the key to the mission's success. They encourage students to connect with their outdoor environment while eliciting their creativity in ways that can be published statewide in the anthology. For this reason, we are here to help support the educators and outdoor school programs with training workshops, class visits, and our  Toolkit for Educators. The toolkit was developed in partnership with the Portland Metro STEM Partnership and Straub Environmental Center to help teachers tie their environmental lessons to art and writing activities that align with the state Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

We love working with our partners to find new ways to get kids outside and nurture their creativity. Learn who they are or explore a partnership with us by contacting the program coordinator today.

About Willamette Partnership

Willamette Partnership helps build collaborative solutions to complex conservation problems.

Our work is focused on building resilience, both in natural ecosystems and in the communities that depend on them. Our approach is rooted in a strong sense of place and community, and it depends on contributions from a diverse coalition of partners from the worlds of conservation, business, government, agriculture, and science.

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